Tracey Mallett's at Home Workout

Tracey Mallett's at Home Workout

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and more flexible!

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Fusion Fitness at it’s Best

Pilates Barre OnDemand is a series of fusion style Pilates & barre classes created by celebrity trainer Tracey Mallett. Feel lengthened and toned from top to toe with these fun innovative workouts to fit your mood and ability, including Tracey's signature global brand bootybarre & bbarreless.

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About Tracey

Tracey Mallett is a world-renowned wellness expert, Pilates innovator and best-selling author. She is the owner of a successful Los Angeles-based fitness studio, and has certified thousands of trainers worldwide in her programs and workshops. 

Tracey’s infectious personality, positive energy and experience has solidified her reputation in the wellness space for over 25 years. Knowing personally the impact health and a positive mindset can have on the body, she is passionate about sharing her well-choreographed workouts globally through her virtual platform.

We've Got you Covered

We offer a vast variety of classes at different time lengths from 10, 20, 30, 40 & 60 minutes! Being a mom of two children, I totally understand that your need to fit your workouts into YOUR schedule that changes everyday.

Our workouts have been specifically curated to hit those hard to hit areas. However, we don’t believe in spot reducing which is why our workouts are geared to hit the total body, a whole body approach.

Being that Tracey Mallett is the "Queen of Barre", her classes will NEVER bore you. Pilates Barre On Demand has a huge variety of barre classes to fit your mood and ability. We care about the quality of movement and therefore offer foundational classes so that you can advance with good form.

Yup, we feel the same which is why we add new Pilates classes weekly on the mat with optional props like the circle, band and ball. For those who have a Pilates reformer, we have an extensive library of workouts at all levels to improve your practice.


“Thank you, Tracey! I have been enjoying the Barre It All your new challenges very much. The energy is high, each movement is purposeful. I feel fantastic after each workout and through the day, I highly recommend this app.”

Lisa Gillies

“I discovered bootybarre in the form of a dvd nearly 12 years ago and loved the combination of high energy cardio, classic barre moves, upper body and core. The workout was far from boring and delivered the results in body I was looking for.  I became not only a fan, but a bootybarre instructor!  How happy I am that bootybarre is so accessible on PilatesBarreonDemand!  I now do a bootybarre and Pilates twice weekly. It’s as though I am working out at Tracey’s studio from my home!”

Melissa Sherbondy

“Barre workouts combine just enough ballet movement with amazing pilates to tone every muscle in the body. Tracey has an incredible way of transitioning from one exercise to the next that includes flexibility elements that leave you feeling stronger and energized instead of sore! Working out online lets me choose the time of day that works best for me so I have been able to add more workout days than before. Tracey is the BEST!”

Tracy Bonifacio

“PBOD is simply transformative - mentally and physically. Tracey’s creativity has paved the way to the most challenging and versatile workouts I have ever known . So many different workouts that range from flexibility, self -care, toning , aerobic , dance , band work, yoga, Pilates, barre, circuit training, live workouts and so much more! I love the different programs she created and the vast array of times to work out from 5 min to 60 min —something for everyone. Tracey is as real as they come and always provides superior instruction and technique!”

Rana Levy

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